CRP Summary

CRP 基督徒「雲端伺服器中心」事工項目說明 e-Innovation 事工將所需要的ICT相關支援服務項目分成以下幾個大類,且已建構在基督徒事工專屬的「端伺服器」(Cloud Server)中心: [Non-profit Organization]

A.    CRP Networking – Web Hosting 
cPanel Web Hosting Configuration and Management for Linux, PHP and MySQL
Support to Sign up for Google Apps with your domain name, including your Domain Emails, Google Places/Map, Google Analytics, Google Webmater tools, and so on to optimize your web site(s)

B.    CRP Application – Joomla CMS Extensions
Support Joomla CMS and Extensions Advisory, Installation and Configuration, if required
Support Joomla Customization, if required

C.    CRP Web Master – Web Site Contents Updating and Campaigns 
Improve Web Collaboration through
Support Web Site Map/Contents Advisory, Updating and Campaigns, if required
Support Web Site Design and Development Customization, if required

D.    IT Help Desk with Account Portal Support
Each Account shall have up to 5 contacts to request and receive IT Help Desk support through our Accout Portal (vTiger CRM) to help teaming up your Web Fellows (網路服事同工)
Skype Phone to Phone support, if required

E. as Christian e-Innovation Community Support shall be acting continuously as Christian e-Innovation Community to improve ICT resources integration and collaboration to support the growth of Christian communities 


若您想進一步瞭解或申請加入 CRP 基督徒專屬「雲端伺服器」(Cloud Server)中心,請「聯絡我們」,我們事工人員會儘速與您連繫。

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